About Us

Hi. My name is Ekaterina or simply Katie, the founder of DeadCatDreads. I was born and grew up in Russia, but fate took me to Serbia and now I live here and make my dreadlocks. Many of my customers know me from my store on Etsy. It was a wonderful time, a wonderful experience, but Etsy unfortunately is no longer available to me. First for geopolitical reasons (you probably know that Russia is a terrorist state), and now for geographic reasons as well. It's sad, but I've enjoyed getting nice reviews of my work so much that I don't want to stop ;) And as a result, you are now on my website, where I and my growing team offer my old and new dreadlock sets of great quality and responsive service.

 DeadCatDreads is now me and my two novice but very diligent helpers. 

If you ask what dreadlocks are to us, it's not only a spectacular hairstyle that doesn't require daily styling, but also a groovy way of self-presentation, self-expression and self-identity. Through DeadCatDreads we try to bring this way to other seekers.

We use the highest quality and safest material tested by us, have a variety of braiding techniques in our arsenal and try to provide the best service possible. We put all our skill and experience into what will then become your story about you.